We are NuTiliti

A utility management service that combines all of your utility needs in one platform.

Our Story

In the summer of 2020, Benji, Kendall and Nick were having a round of beers when the topic of connecting and paying for utilities came up. For busy professionals such as themselves, sending several payment requests per month and setting up their utilities was not something they had time for. They wanted a better, more convenient utility management option that was mutually beneficial to tenants with multiple roommates and their landlords.

With that, NuTiliti was born. In August 2020, NuTiliti's first house of 6 recent graduates signed up in the founders' hometown of Houston, Texas.

Since then, NuTiliti has gained additional homes across the South East and West Coast


Our team leads the way.


Benji started NuTiliti in 2020 to bring transparency and simplicity to the consumer’s utility management journey –one that often starts with frustration during setup that extends into bill retrieval, post-invoice audit, and ongoing bill management.

You can find Benji on his skis or hitting tennis balls or - his favorite thing - playing guitar with his hometown band in Houston.


As a co-founder of NuTiliti and Chief Product Officer, Nick leads product strategy and innovation at NuTiliti.

Charged with creating and executing NuTiliti’s technical vision, he is focused on designing a scalable, user-friendly solution that also places a high value on data security.

When not working, Nick is most likely enjoying live music, watching NFL games, or somewhere in the mountains hunting for fresh powder.


As a co-founder of NuTiliti and Chief Operating Officer, Kendall has been the architect of the company’s operational model.

With Kendall’s help, NuTiliti has been able to scale at pace while furthering its founding mission to help consumers manage their utilities in a frictionless way.

Originally from Houston, Kendall is a traveler at heart and spends her time out of the office outdoors: hiking, skiing, and skydiving.

What We Offer

Provider Selection
We'll help you select the appropriate providers for your location
We'll connect all of your utilities so they are turned on when you get to your new house
Bill Retrieval
We retrieve the bills from each of the utility providers (3-4)
Billing Review
We audit the invoice to make sure you haven't been billed incorrectly by the utility
We manage the payments and split the bills between all of the roommates in the house
We turn off your service with each of the utilities when your lease ends

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