You only think about your utilities when something is wrong. Lets keep them right.

We're here so you never think about what happens when your roommate forgets to pay the water bill, doesn't set up the right utilities, divides by the wrong amount, refuses your venmo request, uses stale credit card info on the auto-pay, can't figure out if have a water leak etc...

Set up Your Utilities
How NuTiliti works

NuTiliti manages all facets of a customer's utility management

What We Offer

Provider Selection
We choose the companies that are right for you
We make sure everything is connected when you get to your new place
Bill Retrieval
We track down every bill so you never have to log into another portal again
Billing Review
We make sure everything looks good
We send each roommate one monthly bill so you can pay with a click
We'll make disconnecting seamless
Common questions

What utilities does NuTiliti set up?

Currently, NuTiliti includes: Water, Natural Gas, Electricity, Internet, and Cable.

How much does it cost?

Users are charged a processing fee based on the number of utilities managed by NuTiliti.

Who is NuTiliti for?

College students living with multiple roommates, parents whose kids still make them do their utilities, busy young professionals, or anyone who doesn't want to deal with utilities! (Landlords and property mgmt. too!)

When can I register? How long does it take for my utilities to turn on?

A user can register for NuTiliti at any time. Utility setup typically occurs between 24 and 48 hours. For bill management customers, we can take over your bills at any point in your lease!

My utilities are set up, can I still use NuTiliti?

Absolutely, a majority of our customers have come from houses with roommates who are tired of using Venmo / waiting to get paid back.

How does NuTiliti Bill Management work?

NuTiliti acts as a deputy for the customer: the user gives NuTiliti their username and passwords for their existing accounts, and NuTiliti utilizes that to log in and pay the monthly bills on the user’s behalf.

Does NuTiliti have a referral program?

Yes! Apart from our campus ambassador program for students, NuTiliti partners with real estate agents, leasing agents, property managers, and college organizations.

If you're interested in learning more, use the "Contact Us" form on our website to get in touch.

We will reach out promptly and you can start earning commissions every time one of your referrals registers with us!