Do what you love, not your utilities.

We bring all of your utilities to one place, from setup and bill splitting to leak monitoring and more. NuTiliti does it all.

Set Up your House

What do we do?

One Bill, One place

Pay all of your utility bills in one place with one click.

We monitor for major leaks or any unusual spikes across all of your utilities that would make your landlord freak out.

Utility Set up

Save your time and let us handle the utility companies.

You don't want to do it, your roommate doesn't either, parents will pay not to hear about it and your spouse may leave you if you bring it up.

Bill Splitting

No more monthly venmo requests to your roommates.

We make sure you never deal with a roommate who "forgets" to hit the accept button.

Energy Efficiency

We help improve our customers’ energy habits.

Not only will you be saving money by consuming less energy but you'll help save the planet

Simple steps to get started.

1. Sign Up

Sign up is simple!

Fill out our registration form in less than 2 minutes.

Change in plans? Simply contact us to adjust dates, flexibility is everything.

2. Invite your Roommates

Easily invite your friends to join your house.

Luckily this is the last conversation you'll have with your roommates about utilities.

3. Receive Confirmation

We take it from here.

Once registration is complete, your utilities will be setup within 24 - 48 hours.

NuTiliti will send you a confirmation email when all utilities are setup including the names of your utility providers.

4. Pay with one click

NuTiliti sends each roommate one monthly bill with their portion of the combined utility usage.

Our Community

Over a hundred homes later, it's still a blast!

From off-campus townhomes in Austin to tiktok houses in Los Angeles, our users get to save one of their most precious resources: time.

The ease of utility setup all in one place

Eliminate frustrating phone calls to utility companies

"Setting up our utilities was the last thing we wanted to do during a hectic move."
Ryan C. - Austin, Texas

Only pay for your share

We calculate, combine, and provide one bill

"I'll never have to Venmo my roommates for utilities again!"
Sarah W. - Dallas, Texas

Using data to drive energy efficiency

We help you optimize your utility consumption to lessen impact on environment

"We had no idea we were using so much electricity. Now we are saving money and reducing our carbon footprint."
Aaron A. - Denver, Colorado